If you can’t beat’em join em

You know those days when everyone’s a bitch so you kinda become one yourself? Today’s that kind of day for me D: 

well I mean I tried being a good person, somewhat keke, but sometimes ppl just want to rip your head off even when you’ve done nothing to deserve it o . o 

okay sorry, this is a rant post… >:O

I had one unappreciative and biased teacher blame me and my friend for her mistake, and no it really is her own mistake o . o She labelled things wrong and blamed us… honestly; and to make things worse she says, “see this is what happens when you talk about crushes”. WHAT THE HECK??? omg…I am so frustrated at her right now D: 

I had a sister bitch at me because i’m computer illiterate. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO DO THINGS WHEN SHE DOESN”T FREAKING EXPLAIN? *sigh. 

Life is being a bitch to me today, sniff. that’s all. 

….Now I wonder, What if I’m in the wrong? i hate perspective… – . – 

well I made up for the foul language with a rainbow for font colour 😀 keke, and now I will proceed to finishing my homework…ugh. 


butt cookies <3

The other day I was baking rapidly, because of a sudden craving to eat chocolate chip cookies. It was already 10:00 pm, so I knew I had to be fast, and I was fast! I finished everything in record time~ 😀 But I made one special cookie, It was a heart shaped cookie, I put it onto the pan and what came out looked like this:

The Butt Cookie


The foil the cookies were resting on actually bend backwards, so the sharp end of the heart, became the round side of a bottom o . o  

The lesson I learned: never place heart cookies near the edges of a foil. ….

Good Music I heard:

Infinite Sunggyu’s solo 60 Seconds!!!


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. WELL THERE IS WAY TOO MANY LEMONS BEING CHUCKED AT ME THAT I CANNOT MAKE ANYMORE LEMONADE SO THERE O > O sorry, I am so frustrated right now…. = =. I have way too much stress from the end of term tests/projects UGH. On the other hand, THE GUY is acting weird, like the other day, I was working on a project, and so I was with a bunch of friends when he suddenly walked towards me and patted my BARE SHOULDER O > O. It was really weird and uncomfortable for me since it wasn’t a graze, but rather the resting of his hand on my shoulder for 5 second intervals. o . o Then he began to tap my bare shoulders and I froze up. My friend, who was sitting beside me understood right away telepathically that I needed help, and so she accused him of touching me, and said, “WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING HER”. The GUY then says with a smile on his face, “I like to tease her” :D. THE FRICKKKK????? As if I didn’t have enough on my plate….o . o sigh.. love is so iffy. Furthermore, my friend told me that he looked at me the other with a weird? look. I thought she meant perverted LOL, but apparently it was just an indescribable look. SO  CONFUSEDDDD ; ___ ; anyone know what it all means? sniff sniff? 

meanwhile, i love Imagine Dragons New song, On top of the world 😀

Almost There.

Almost there. Almost there. UGH. Recently there’s been soooooo much homework. Stupid end of term…= = Teachers like to push things all towards the end and say, “oh, I don’t want to burden you.” AS IF. If those teachers taught with a schedule, then well, I don’t know. Maybe there wouldn’t be so much crap at the end of term!!!! o . o *puff… Sorry about that. I need to rant a bit… = = 

Buuuuuut, on the other hand, keke, I had THE BEST DREAM EVER > //// < 

Sean O’pry and Francisco Lachowski for some reason, I HAVE NO IDEA, visited me. I heard a doorbell and I opened it, and to my mindblown belief it was  the 2 models that I love love love love love!! They were very tall, lol, and fit. Casually dressed yet handsome as devils, they lounged by the door. MY HEART WAS GOING TO EXPLODE O > O I invited them in (no duh) and we had a freaking amazing party o . o I mean my house was jammed with ppl, and there was a ton of confetti and music and food and drinks and general messiness. Sadly, by the end of it, both Sean and Chico had disappeared. Apparently they had slipped off, but I didn’t notice. DDDDDDD: If only the dream could become reality ; _____ ; well except for the last part of course lol. 😀 If I could just see them both I’d DIEEEE EEEKKK > //// < so ya, best dream ever o . o  

below is Taylor Swift’s amazing album Red, and my fave song of the moment, I knew you were trouble 😀 

Dumb moments ; ____ ;

I’m sure that you have all had dumb moments before. I have many. D: For example, one of my current embarrassments: 

I was shopping with my bestie at the mall, when I happened to glance down at this graphic tee. It had the words. LON and DON printed on it

like so: 


Curious, I picked up the tshirt and asked aloud (quite loudly at that)

Why does this tshirt say LON DON? what is LON DON? Why would they even print that on a tshirt? 

People were staring at me at this point, but I ignored them, while my friend turned to me and said, “Lon Don. Are you stupid? It’s London…= =” 

I have never felt so stupid in my entire life ;___; 

that was my horrible memory.

what’s yours? 😀


**music of the day: Block B’s Nillili mambo:


thinking at 10:47.

I was just thinking. 

Pain is a boomerang. 

You throw it far away

But it always comes back to you. 

Now you have 2 choices.

1) catch it with your hands. 

2) catch it with your face. 

Pain is what you make of it. 

** I’m typing all of this because I had a moment of epiphany 😀 also, I didn’t want to do my homework anymore. : )

Happiness in a present :D

Ever read a book that just makes you depressed? Now I am currently swimming in a sea of sorrow. It’s not deep though. 😀 Today was normal, I am a bit concerned though, because whenever my friend flirts with “the guy”, my heart shudders a bit. D: My brain wants the feeling to fade, but it’s having trouble convincing my heart. The tiniest corner of my heart desires for him to see me in a different light; for him to notice me, and for me to have made a dent in him. 

Hoping for a happily ever after that doesn’t exist is difficult. ;(

my heart won’t let me forget, and my mind is on its side. D: 

sooo, my solution:

I am going to act 100% myself, my normal self, and we’ll just see what happens 🙂 That’s the revelation that I’ve come up with. 


Thanks for listening!! I really need some happy songs, so if anyone has any, TELL ME > < 

thanks 😀